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Big Apple Theater Festival

Big Apple Theater Festival is a new monthly event which presents a series of 10-12 minute one act plays. Each month the festival will highlight 5 short one act plays from playwrights and cast from the New York City metropolitan area.

There will be 2 performances of each show: 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Tickets are $20 per session.

Festival Program -- April 8th, 2017:

Kraine Theater
85 East 4th Street
New York, NY 10003

  • "Periastron" by Steven Meeker Jr.
  • Periastron - the point nearest to a star in the path of a body orbiting that star. After a year of random encounters and awkward bathroom talks, Mia and Stacy, two sophomores at Boston College run into each other again during a Greek Life party in Pleasure Bay. They finally formally introduce themselves to each other on the party boat and try to navigate a conversation that we have all struggled to work up the courage to have with a little help from some red solo cups.

  • "The Perfect Dupe" by David Masello
  • A middle-aged man walking along a Manhattan street is asked for help by a young, beautiful woman confined to a wheelchair. He gladly offers his assistance in wheeling her to a nearby location and during the brief journey there he learns about her and reveals something of himself. By the time they reach their destination, however, what appeared to be the truth turned out to be a deception.

  • "Don't Forget Me" by Larry R. Yates

    In bad need of a job John Frank sets up a cardboard cutout of President Donald Trump outside a Burger King exit. He hopes to attract a prospective employer or anyone who can help him. John worked as a volunteer in Trump’s campaign and believes Trump will help him get his own job. He attracts Diana and Sharon Johnson — elderly sisters, Melody Diaz — young salesclerk, and Rudy Stanton — young addict to Grand Auto Theft. None help with his job search, but all share their ideas about politics. And maybe he finds a friend.

  • "No Plan B" by Amy Harris

    It's the not too distant future in middle America. Jack, a mechanic, and Vivian, an elementary school teacher, meet in a bar on a Tinder date. Over a beer, they learn how changes in Washington have trickled into each other’s work life—lax oversight causing Jack to lose his job and strict rules causing Viv to rethink hers. As their attraction grows, the couple will learn how bureaucratic decisions can affect their personal life too. A projection of the consequences the new administration’s policies could have on citizens’ day-to-day lives and evening escapades, and one couple’s chance to have sex.

  • "If You See Something..." by Cayenne Douglass

    Trapped on the subway at 4 a.m. a comical misunderstanding and the need to work through her own pain leads a mystical young woman and her pet rat to interrogate a business man about an affair. While there may not be full truth to the accusation, ironically there's some, which forces the businessman to reexamine his course.