November 6-10, 2013, Tribeca Cinemas, New York City
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2012 Big Apple Film Festival Official Program Guide
Wednesday 11/14 Thursday 11/15 Friday 11/16 Saturday 11/17 Sunday 11/18

Sunday November, 18, 2012

buy tickets Program 31 – Theater 1 (Animation and Experimental)

11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

AmLeftCrap – 5 minutes
Dir. Mike Stuttman
"AmLeftCrap" is an animated collage constructed out of comic art, code-generated samples and assorted digital ephemera that is informed by both monumental and seemingly insignificant events in the world around us.

I See New York – 1 minutes
Dir. Denny Silverthorne
In this animated short based on Bruce McCall's New Yorker cover, two mummies visit classic New York hotspots and have the date of their eternal lives.

The Dooples in the Land of Do – 22 minutes
Dir. Evan York
Once upon a time ... long, long time ago there was a land so far away that nobody has yet to find it. The name of this land was Doo and the people who lived there were called, 'Dooples'.

The Hunter – 7 minutes
Dir. Marieka Walsh
A lone hunter undertakes a search for a missing boy deep in the snow covered mountains, on the journey he is forced to make decisions that will forever change his relationship with the wilderness he has always feared.

Car Crash Opera – 8 minutes
Dir. Skip Battaglia
'Car Crash Opera' is an all singing short animated cartoon, constructed as an homage to that paragon of American cinematic art form staples -- the car crash film. But this is sung as an opera, with seven characters, graphic and musical flourishes, poignant interludes, orchestration, and sound effects.

Cubby and Friends – 6 minutes
Dir. Timothy Breese
"Cubby and Friends" is a story about a bear named Cubby and his friend Squeaky the squirrel.

Patience – 14 minutes
Dir. Judd Blaise
Cryptic arrangements of mundane objects lie scattered about abandoned shores, while shifting voices speak of unbuilt monuments, magical seas, and Napoleon's place in the history of solitaire. A game of memory, played with unexpected souvenirs, found footage projections, and multiple decks of cards.

1993 – 10 minutes
Dir. Steve Girard
'1993' is a charm-bracelet of cartoonish scenes that depict all the shades of adolescent male life; from buying pot for the first time to not being able to urinate in a public bathroom.

Advayam – 7 minutes
Dir. Jennifer Crystal Chien
An experimental essay film about faith, death, and rebirth -- illustrated by views from the elevated train through Brooklyn crossing the Williamsburg Bridge to Manhattan and from the infamous Bring Your Own Big Wheel event in San Francisco.

Journey – 5 minutes
Dir. Aleksandar Kostic
The ghost of Mary Kingsbury Simkhovitch returns to Greenwich House, the community settlement she founded over a century earlier, and roams through the musical landscape that now thrives there.

Speed of Fencing – 3 minutes
Dir. Holly Buechel
Behind the bullet, the tip of a fencing blade is the second fastest-moving object in Olympic sports. 'Speed of Fencing' captures the grace and movements of New York's top epee fencers.

Silent Music (Musica Callada) – 15 minutes
Dir. Mike Lubik
"Silent Music" is a unique long form non narrative short film / music video about Maria, an older woman, who upon travelling to her childhood home to attend her Father's funeral, discovers a hidden secret about her past.

You Can't Hide Love From Gypsies – 5 minutes
Dir. Mara Trifu
Put on your dancing shoes and pilot your spaceship into morning. A fortune teller reads the D.J.'s future in a coffee cup. Some crazy dog like hell is how it feels to live without love. You should be dancing, after tonight it's all over.

buy tickets Program 32 – Theater 2 (Student Films)

11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Taps – 25 minutes
Dir. Trevor Hoar
Father and son clash over commitments and personal dreams while the Civil War rips families apart along the Mason Dixon Line.

Temma – 18 minutes
Dir. Anya Meksin
Neuro-programmer Temma Baumgarten tries to complete a computational model of her own mind while her body succumbs to a degenerative disease.

The Mentor – 4 minutes
Dir. John Lazration
Film Trailer

A man writes to his mentor for help with his writer's block and is given an unsettling reply.

Serial Dating – 8 minutes
Dir. Stephanie Donnelly
Jeffrey meets the girl of his dreams at his grandmother's funeral but fails to get her contact information. Determined to see her again, he decides to kill his relatives until she comes to another funeral.

Mirror 21 – 12 minutes
Dir. Rachel Byrd
An isolated girl is forced to experience the real world on her 21st birthday.

Don't Make Me Sing – 5 minutes
Dir. Zack Morrison
Edwin's life is exploding into a musical around him, and he struggles to decide whether it's a blessing or a curse.

Legacy – 5 minutes
Dir. Adam Floeck
"Legacy" is the story of one boy's difficulties to live up to his family's expectations when the burden of his heritage is suddenly thrust upon him.

The Graveyard Shift – 20 minutes
Dir. Jessica Burgess
Set in the south, the vulnerable Mary, a waitress at the local diner, has resigned her fate to such. She constantly struggles with her drunkard mother, Edna, and Robert, her manager. The diner is a void, with Mary at the center; until a black angel, Dallas, appears with an agenda--through a robbery, instill something in Mary to get her on the chase for destiny. Darkly comedic, and completely over the top, 'The Graveyard Shift,' captures the essence of coming of age while exploring a bizarre black night in the middle of nowhere, leading to a soul's foundation.

Ben's Morningh – 11 minutes
Dir. Tsyen Shen
A depressed but talented hair stylist screws up his job and loses his only friend while eviction looms. Life looks bleak, but his own imagination helps discover optimism.

Bedtime – 3 minutes
Dir. Avi Tuchman
A little girl imagines the super-fun stuff her mom and dad are doing after she's been sent to bed.

Live – 5 minutes
Dir. Stephanie Angel
A music video created by a young girl with a brain tumor, Lillian Langbein. This short film magically captures all that she loves from music to dance and beyond.

Look Up – 5 minutes
Dir. Jake Oleson and Amanda Prager
An imaginative child becomes fascinated with the idea of flying. He devises various ways to pursue his dream. Using umbrellas to balloons he discovers that achieving flight is more difficult than he anticipated. Everyone has dreams, but sometimes we need to let them go. Or better yet, give them to someone else.

buy tickets Program 33 – Theater 1

1:30 p.m. – 3:05 p.m.

Maybe Tomorrow – 94 minutes
Dir. Michael Wolfe
After fifteen years of silence, three friends are finally forced to examine the manner in which a long-forgotten crime and cover-up has affected the course of their lives.

buy tickets Program 34 – Theater 2

1:30 p.m. – 3:05 p.m.

The Defector – 20 minutes
Dir. Lit Kilpatrick
For a newly-hired American intelligence analyst, an encounter with a North Korean defector puts a complex, human face on the idea of national defense.

The Last Day of August – 75 minutes
Dir. Craig Difolco
A paraplegic's friends pay him an unannounced visit to challenge his secluded life.

buy tickets Program 35 – Theater 1

3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The Forest Is Red – 90 minutes
Dir. David Jakubovic
Awkward, socially dysfunctional Nathan writes strange poems, buries jam in the park and converses with the voices. Voices that fight for his attention and demand his subordination. On his daily, semi-hypnotic journeys through his alienating, colorless city, he searches for companionship and happiness. He thinks he finds it when he meets the girl he loves - but to whom he never speaks. This surreal, magical and philosophically charged tale examines the life of an outcast as he struggles to blend into a world where everyone searches for their own uniqueness.

buy tickets Program 36 – Theater 2

3:30 p.m. – 4:55 p.m.

Terminal Legacy – 83 minutes
Dir. Brian Kazmarck
Terminal Legacy is the apocalyptic science fiction story of men who try to create a 'miracle drug.' Although these men have the best of intentions, we all know that the road to hell is paved with them. After a freak occurrence our heroes race against time to contain this deadly outbreak and save the world from their impatience and illegal experimentation. At the same time, the first batch of test subjects discovers the sinister covering up and the plan for the destruction of all the evidence, including themselves.

buy tickets Program 37 – Theater 1

5:15 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Blood Kisses – 72 minutes
Dir. Robert Kornhiser
Amid a series of murder victims who've been drained of blood, a high school teacher's increasingly strange vampire-like behavior alarms and threatens his girlfriend.

buy tickets Program 38 – Theater 2

5:15 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Secret Everything – 75 minutes
Dir. Derick Rhodes
'Secret Everything' is the story of a young Brooklyn couple caught up in a game that quickly gets beyond their control. Struggling both as artists and as a couple, Sarah and Nick grapple with a set of circumstances that initially seems like an elaborate prank, but evolves into a journey which transforms their relationship in a lasting way.

Awards Presentation – Theater 2

Awards Presentation – 6:45 p.m.

Wednesday 11/14 Thursday 11/15 Friday 11/16 Saturday 11/17 Sunday 11/18


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